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Commercial • E-Learning • Corporate

I am a Commercial Voice Actor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I’ll help you communicate your message for Broadcast, Non-Broadcast, Corporate Training, Narration or E-learning. Be sure to click “More Demos” on the player.

Here are a few things that I bring to your voice-over project…

  • A service focused attituide
  • 20 Years as an Actor/Director
  • Natural and Authentic delivery
  • Easy going, yet professional
  • A Mid-range voice with Warmth & Charm
  • Professionally approved home studio

My acting experience comes from twenty years of stage performances playing a wide variety of characters.  I also bring two decades of radio and television production to the table.

I am currently training with voice and acting coach Kat  Siggers. I have also had coaching  with Tia Marlier, Trish Basanyi, Marc Preston, and Terry Daniels.

As a firm believer in continuing education, attending various acting workshops, VO coaching, and webinars.  I enjoy personal networking opportunities both locally and nationally. A microphone with a headset hanging on it.

My voice work conveys a comfortable familiarity that invites you into the message, ready to act, ready to engage, and ready to be all in.

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TZ Stellar X2 Cardioid
Scarlet Solo (3rd Gen)
BD DT 7700 Pro

3" x 4" Treated Studio
4' Panels (Owens Corning 703)

**The Coolest Blanket Fort Ever**

...now, a word from my listeners


“Professional and Quality. Tom does AMAZING voiceovers! You won’t be disappointed!”
“YOU’RE DEMO SOUNDS AWESOME!!! Your voice really sounds great. This is one of the best demos I’ve had the pleasure of directing. Very impressive! It was great getting to work with you.”
“Your voice demo is downright inspirational! I love the range and diversity of these clips (and of course, it doesn’t hurt that your performance is first-rate).”
ROB Cottingham
16 Year-old Daughter

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