It's been a Magical Journey The Backstory – Tom Archibald – Voice Actor

humor, charm, believability, with just the right nuance

I’ve been in the Minneapolis area for 23 years. Before that, I spent 11 years in Nashville working in Country music industry. But, it all began with a career in TV, then radio, and 2 decades of theatre along the way. The perfect magical blend of technical expertise and the ability to entertain, inform, and sell.

You want a commercial voice actor with an inviting, warm, and seasoned delivery? A voice that conveys believability, charm, and trustworthiness?  You’re a company looking for a new path to success?

Good news…My specialty is delivering smooth, honest, conversational messages for companies of all sizes. I have a unique ability to take your words, your story, and apply various vocal styles with just the right nuance. Think Healthcare, Hallmark, Fine Dining, Wine, Chocolate, Baby products, USPCA, Luxurious cars, or anything expensive. My mid-range voice can provide both high energy spots and the softer side of  life. I also do character work.

My decades of live stage performance combined with twenty years of professional broadcasting provide me with a unique skill-set that means I can better connect with your audience,

Let me to provide you with a complimentary sample read of your script to make sure we’re a good fit. My pleasing, professional, and easy going nature will leave you ready to book me again…and again.

Contact me today.

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