Watch them appear before your very eyes... Commercial Video Demos

Commercial video reel

This video compilation contains all six spots. Individual spots can be viewed below.

Play the Commercial Video Demos either as a compliation reel, or individually. (below) 

Archibald Studios Media’s owner Tom Archibald has more than two decades of using his voice to sell, inform, educate, and entertain listeners and viewers. Whether on-stage, screen, or audio booth, Tom has always delivered the goods.  

You can trust that Tom will get you what you need. He interprets copy quickly, takes direction well, has a great sense of timing. His customer service has also been highly praised.  Watch the Commercial Video Demo Reel and see if Tom is the right fit for your project.   

Hey VO actors

Would you like a video demo reel produced for you? check out my video production company.  You provide the voice clips and I do the rest.  This is a great service for those that aren’t familiar with video editing or simply don’t have the time. Having your demos  put to video is an essential tool for today’s voice actors. Give me a shout and we’ll get the party started. Payment options available.

robinhood financial
Buffalo Wild Wings
Robert Mondavi
cvs Telehealth

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